What We Do

Nordic Resarch and Monitoring Network

Intelligence Platform

The Nordic Research and Monitoring Network (Nordic Monitor) works as an intelligence platform that tracks extremism, radical movements, xenophobia, terrorism, crime, and other relevant issues that are critical for the security and safety of the communitiesin which we live. Its focus is specifically on Turkey, 80-million strong predominantly Sunni nation that has vast influence beyond its borders.

Monitoring Extremism

Extremism of in all sorts is a threat to security and safety of nations and communities. Nordic Monitor observes enablers and facilitators of extremist ideologies and identifies early warning signs. so that policy makers and non-governmental stake holders can take measures in advance to counter such threats. Nordic Monitor caters to its clients’ specific needs with on-demand analysis and reports on such matters.

Public Discussion

The specialists contributing to Nordic Monitor often participate in panel discussions, debates and conferences in order to promote public discussion on security and safety and raise awareness on dangerous patterns of radicalism and extremism. Nordic Monitor also offers speaking engagement opportunities for those who are interested in learning more about the issues that it covers.

Our New Project

The Turkey-ISIS Research Project” is sponsored by the Nordic Research and Monitoring Network (NRMN) which has taken an interest in exposing the reasons for ISIS’s ability to function in the region and has identified the support provided to ISIS by Erdoğan’s Turkey as significant and under reported. The Turkey-ISIS Research Project aims to research and expose the Erdoğan government’s support for jihadist groups, including ISIS, in Turkey and abroad. Our research identifies material published by leading organizations, researchers and investigative journalists who have examined connections between the Erdoğan government and jihadists groups.
Turkey-ISIS Resarch Project
Turkey-ISIS Resarch Project

Who We Are

The Nordic Research and Monitoring Network (Nordic Monitor) is run by a group of professionals who are composed of veteran journalists, security specialists, and investigators. The network is managed and coordinated by the following:

Knowledge, Endurance, Patience...