The Nordic Research Monitoring Network (Nordic Monitor) is a non-profit organization that aims to raise awareness of radical and violent extremist trends in Europe and beyond, with a specific focus on patterns that disrupt peace and harmony among community groups, with an emphasis on Turkey. It hopes to contribute to the debate on how nations should prevent and combat radicalization with close cooperation and collaboration between all relevant stakeholders at all levels of governance with the involvement of the NGO community and civil society.

What We Do

Nordic Research and Monitoring Network

Intelligence Platform

Nordic Monitor works as an intelligence platform that tracks extremism, radical movements, xenophobia, terrorism, crime and other relevant issues that are critical for the security of the communities in which we live. Its focus is specifically on Turkey, an 80-million-strong predominantly Sunni nation that has considerable influence beyond its borders.

Monitoring Extremism

Extremism of all types is a threat to the security of nations as well as communities. The Nordic Research and Monitoring Network monitors enablers and facilitators of extremist ideologies and identifies early warning signs so that policy makers and nongovernmental stakeholders can take measures in advance to counter such threats. Nordic Monitor responds to its clients’ specific needs with on-demand analysis and reports on such matters.

Public Discussion

The specialists contributing to Nordic Monitor often participate in panel discussions, debates and conferences in order to promote public discussion on security and raise awareness of dangerous patterns of radicalism and extremism. Nordic Monitor welcomes the opportunity to speak to groups that are interested in learning more about the issues it covers.

Who We Are

The Nordic Research and Monitoring Network is run by a team of professionals comprising veteran journalists, security specialists and investigators. The network is managed and coordinated by the following:


Abdullah Bozkurt

Executive Director

Bozkurt is a journalist and author with over 20 years of experience in the Turkish media, serving as bureau chief in New York, Washington, D.C., and Ankara. His specialty is covering radical jihadist groups operating in Turkey and its neighborhood.

Levent Kenez

 Deputy Executive Director

Kenez, who ran a popular national daily in Turkey as its editor-in-chief, is a Turkish journalist living in exile. His paper exposed how Turkish intelligence agency MIT had trafficked jihadists from China to Syria, prompting the government to shut down his newspaper.

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